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Advanced Health Assessment

HealthScreen medical examination provides an unparalleled assessment of your health combining advanced diagnostic screening with state-of-the-art medical imaging, DNA / genetic testing, cognitive/mental health and nutritional analysis, for a comprehensive full body health check up.


Medicine is rapidly changing and the days of ‘the old Annual Physical’ are over. Standard physical examination and a routine blood test by a doctor can only provide very limited information of your health and only advanced imaging technology can completely fulfil the requirement for a comprehensive and truly detailed health assessment and early diagnosis.

HealthScreen is the only Medical Facility in Australia to offer such Early Diagnostic Imaging with MRI. MRI is not only better than CT for such areas as the brain, prostate and pancreas but also it is radiation-free. It is the safest and most accurate way of diagnostic imaging.

Unfortunately very few of us die from the old age. It is usually Cancer, Heart disease or Stroke that cut our lives short. Our Comprehensive Exam can detect early cancers, heart disease, aneurysms, cerebrovascular disease and other “silent killers” that are often missed in a typical physical exam or routine blood tests. It is simply the most effective approach to Preventative Medicine exam.

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Medical Examination

HealthScreen Advanced Diagnostic Screening and state-of-the-art Medical Imaging uses the latest MRI and CT Imaging Technology to comprehensively assess the state of your health and provide you with the detailed information you need to optimise your future Health.

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Federal Health Minister, Greg Hunt MP, opening HealthScreen centre

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Advanced Medical Imaging Technology

You will meet twice with our doctors – initial comprehensive assessment of your full medical history and a physical exam including assessment for skin cancers, and then again at the completion of all your tests to discuss results and recommendations. You will have the time with your HealthScreen doctor to get answers to all your questions.

All testing is done on-site and in one day, including:

  • Advanced Screening and Early Detection of 20 most common cancers with the latest MRI targeted imaging technology
  • Coronary Heart Disease assessment including Calcium Score and CT Coronary Angiography
  • Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke Risk) Assessment
  • Bowel Cancer Assessment and Prevention
  • Genetic Screening and Biological Age Test (Epigenetic Clock)
  • Advanced Laboratory Tests
  • Body Composition Analysis and Bone Densitometry
  • Cognitive and Mental Health Analysis
  • Sleep Health Evaluation and at-home Sleep Apnoea screening, and much more.

Your exam can be individually customized with a broad range of elective options to address any of your specific concerns or medical problems.

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HealthScreen Revolution


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HealthScreen has revolutionized the concept of Preventative Medicine.

HealthScreen assessment is dramatically more advanced, comprehensive and informative than any standard physical exam, routine blood tests or tests at other screening facilities.

Our proactive approach to potential illness and premature aging will help you identify your risk of future disease and create a personalized program to improve your health and maintain an active lifestyle.

You’ll receive this comprehensive in-depth evaluation in one day and one place – our luxurious state-of-the-art facilities specifically designed to cater to all your needs. Our priority is to make this a true 6-star patient experience.

Best of all, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are doing all you can to take care of your health and longevity—for yourself and for the people who care about you.

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Our Leading Melbourne Medical Doctors & Specialists at HealthScreen

At HealthScreen, we’re dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of expertise to your medical care. We have a team of highly experienced, qualified and approachable doctors ready to support you throughout your medical assessments, scanning and testing examinations at HealthScreen Melbourne.

We have leading Melbourne physicians who are specialists in various fields of medicine including internal medicine, gastroenterology, cardiology, urology, respiratory medicine and more.

We also have a team of expert exercise physiologists and fitness specialists as well as accredited nutritionist, ready to provide you with individualized personal diet and exercise plans based on your health examination outcomes and personal goals.

To learn more about our HealthScreen team in Melbourne, head to Our Medical Team page.


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State-of-the-art Melbourne Health Testing Facilities and Technology

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Our state-of-the-art health screening facilities in Melbourne are dramatically more advanced and comprehensive than standard physical or executive health examinations - providing much more detailed, accurate and useful key aspects of information about your health.

HealthScreen’s health check examinations are highly comprehensive and provide an early diagnosis for many of the most common diseases and cancers in Australia.

HealthScreen is the only Medical Facility in Australia to offer such comprehensive assessment including Early Diagnostic Imaging with targeted MRI imaging, which has been proven to be an extremely safe and radiation-free form of assessment.

Our state-of-the-art Siemens Altea MRI scanner with Innovision is ground-breaking with fast and extremely accurate targeted diagnostic images of your body. Combined with our integrated multi-modality approach to medical imaging, this ensures higher diagnostic confidence and a personalized comprehensive health examination leading to an individually tailored Preventative Medicine Program.

We also use many other forms of advanced medical imaging technology during your health screening examination, including CT Cardiac Imaging, Carotid Duplex Ultrasound, Advanced Body Composition, and Endoscopy.

What Happens During Your Health Check Examination?

After your initial consultation and medical assessment by our doctor, you’ll then be able to start your comprehensive health check testing and examinations.

There are several exam components in your health check examination. Each exam component will be personalized based on your initial individualized health risk assessment, with the key components for every exam including:

  1. A detailed medical history & physical examination
  2. Comprehensive lab analysis and blood profile
  3. Complete cardiac and stroke risk evaluation
  4. Advanced diagnostic medical imaging
  5. Consultation with your physician and review of your comprehensive health report


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Where Can I Get a Health Assessment in Melbourne?

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HealthScreen has revolutionized the concept of Preventative Medicine.

For leading patient care, state-of-the-art facilities, and individually tailored health assessments in Melbourne, book an appointment with HealthScreen today. HealthScreen has revolutionized the concept of Preventative Medicine.

With HealthScreen, you’ll be supported by leading experts in the field of medicine, and have a highly informative health assessment report to help improve your chances of living a healthier, longer and happier life.

If you’ve been searching online for ‘health assessments in Melbourne near me’ or ‘health screenings around me and in my area’ then you’ve come to the right place. Get in touch by calling or scheduling an appointment today.

Book Your Highly Personalized Health Risk Assessment at HealthScreen Today

If you have any questions about our Health Risk Assessments at HealthScreen, we highly recommend speaking to our team - we’re more than happy to chat with you about all aspects of our health check examination for your complete peace of mind.

Our Concierge Patient Care Coordinators are available Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Alternatively head to our Contact Us page or if you’re ready to book in your consultation you can easily Schedule an Appointment today.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the health examination take?

All testing is done on-site and in one day - your exam is also individually customized with a broad range of elective options to address any of your specific concerns or medical problems, so you may not be required to take certain tests or you may undergo all the screenings and examinations available.

Who is HealthScreen testing For?

HealthScreen health check examinations are available for both men and women, and will be tailored according to the patient’s individual risk assessment outcomes.

What is the cost of a health check examination at HealthScreen?

Please contact our centre on 1300 03 1300 or email to discuss the cost of a HealthScreen Exam.